Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer

Watch Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer

Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer
Incredibles 2 (2018) Best  Quotes

Plot : While the Parr family has accepted its collective calling as superheroes, the fact remains that their special heroism is still illegal. After they are arrested after unsuccessfully trying to stop the Under miner, their future seems bleak. However, the wealthy Deavor siblings of Devtech offer new hope with a bold project to rehabilitate the public image and legal status of Supers, with Elastigirl being assigned on point to be the shining example. Now having agreed for now to stay at home to care of the kids, Mr. Incredible finds domestic life a daunting challenge, especially with baby Jack-Jack's newly emerged powers making him almost impossible to manage. However, Elastigirl soon has her own concerns dealing with the menace of a new super villain, Screen slaver, who is wreaking havoc with his mind control abilities. Now, Elastigirl must solve the mystery of this enemy, who has malevolent designs on the world with the Parr family and friends key targets of this evil. Written by Kenneth Chisholm

Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes 

Edna Mode: [to the tired Bob, who is holding Jack-Jack] Done properly, parenting is a heroic act... done properly.

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: [as Bob helps him with his math] That's... not the way you're supposed to do it, Dad.
[turns his book around]

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: They want us to do it this...
Bob Parr: I don't KNOW that way, why would they change math? Math is math, math is math!
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: [as Bob talks over him] I think it's okay, Dad...

[from trailer]

Bob Parr: Suit up! It might get weird.
Lucius Best: I'll be there, ASAP.
Honey: Where are you going ASAP? You better be back ASAP!

Helen Parr: [to Bob] You know it's crazy, right? To help my family, I gotta leave it to fix the law, I gotta break it.

Bob Parr: You've got to, so our kids can have that choice.

Violet and Dash demand to know why Bob hasn't told Helen about Jack-Jack's powers
Bob Parr: Because I'm formulating, okay! I'm taking in information! I'm processing! I'm doing the math, I'm fixing the boyfriend, and keeping the baby from turning into a flaming monster! How do I do it? By rolling with the punches, baby! I eat thunder and crap lightening, okay? Because I'm Mr. Incredible! Not "Mr. So-So" or "Mr. Mediocre Guy"! Mr. Incredible!
[Violet and Dash are silent for a moment after Bob's rant]
Violet Parr: We should call Lucius.
Bob Parr: No, I can handle it! There's no way I'm gonna...
Bob Parr: [Jack-Jack goes flying through the walls, catapulting himself towards the pool in the backyard, and Bob runs after him to catch him]
Violet Parr: I'm calling Lucius.

Helen Parr: I missed Jack-Jack's FIRST POWER!
Bob Parr: Actually you missed his first SEVENTEEN!

Rick Dicker: If you wanna get out of the hole, first you gotta put down the shovel.

Bob Parr: Hey! You did this, can you UN-do it?
Krushauer: You want me to... UN-crush?
Bob Parr: What, no one's ever asked for that?
Krushauer: No! What you want un-crush for?
Bob Parr: So I can- Never mind.
[He starts running off]
Krushauer: What if I tell you to un-punch someone, what you do then?

Lucius Best: [about Jack-Jack; to tired-out Bob] Looks normal to me. When did this start happening?
Bob Parr: Since Helen got the job.
Lucius Best: I assume she knows.
Bob Parr: Are you kidding? I can't tell her about this, not while she's doing hero work!
Jack-Jack Parr: [sees Helen on the TV] Mama!
Helen Parr: [on television; reused footage of The Incredibles] Girls, come on! Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so!
Jack-Jack Parr: Mama!
[points at the TV]
Bob Parr: [turns off the TV with the remote] I've got to succeed! So she can succeed! So WE can succeed!
Lucius Best: I get it, Bob! I get it! When was the last time you slept?
Bob Parr: Who keeps track of that? Besides, he's a baby. I can handle it, I got this handled.
Lucius Best: So... you're good then? You got everything under control? Right?
[sees Jack-Jack playing with the remote, who then disappears into another dimension]
Lucius Best: WHAT THE - ?
Bob Parr: Cookie! Jack-Jack, want a cookie? Num num, cookie?
[Jack-Jack makes noises from the other dimension]
Bob Parr: Jack-Jack, num num! Num num, cookie! Cookie!
Lucius Best: You're not... ?
Bob Parr: Cookie!
Lucius Best: Oh my gosh!
Bob Parr: Cookie!
[Jack-Jack reappears; Bob gives the cookie to him]
Lucius Best: Whoa, K! Okay, so he can still hear you from...
Bob Parr: ...from the other dimension.
Lucius Best: That is freaky.

[repeated line]

Bob Parr: Num num, cookie?

Screenslaver: The Screenslaver interrupts this program for an important announcement. Don't bother watching the rest. Elastigirl doesn't save the day; she only postpones her defeat. And while she postpones her defeat, you eat chips and watch her invert problems that you are too lazy to deal with. Superheroes are part of a brainless desire to replace true experience with simulation. You don't talk, you watch talk shows. You don't play games, you watch game shows. Travel, relationships, risk; every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever-sheltered, ever-passive, ever-ravenous consumers who can't free themselves to rise from their couches to break a sweat, never anticipate new life. You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process. Well, you tell yourselves you're being "looked after". That you're inches from being served and your rights are being upheld. So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. Go ahead, send your supers to stop me. Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens. You are no longer in control. I am.

[from trailer]

Bob Parr: You have powers! Yeah, baby!

Helen Parr: [at the dinner table] Superheroes are illegal.
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: We wanna fight bad guys!
Jack-Jack Parr: [throws his fists around] I wanawai bad guy!
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: It defines who I am.
Bob Parr: We're not saying you have - what?
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: Someone on TV said it.

Screenslaver: You don't talk, you watch talk shows.

Screenslaver: [all of the televisions turn off and show a shot of the Screenslaver] The Screenslaver interrupts this for an important announcement...

[from trailer]

Bob Parr: [to the Underminer] We meet agai...
[gets sucked into the Underminer's vacuum]

Bob Parr: [to Lucius over the phone] Suit up. It might get weird.
Lucius Best: I'll be there ASAP.
[goes to get his super suit]
Honey: Where you goin' ASAP? You better be back ASAP!

Bob Parr: [tired and worn out; to Lucius; about Helen] I've got to succeed! So she can succeed! So WE can succeed!
Lucius Best: I get it, Bob!
[Jack-Jack disappears into thin air with lightning]
Lucius Best: WHAT THE?
[Jack-Jack appears again]
Lucius Best: That is freaky.
Bob Parr: [gives Jack-Jack a cookie] But I can't keep giving him cookies!
Lucius Best: [Jack-Jack transforms into a red goblin-like monsters and lunges at Bob] Whoa! He's freaky!
Bob Parr: [Jack-Jack starts biting Bob] No biting Daddy.
Lucius Best: WHAT?

Bob Parr: [Jack-Jack rages in Edna's room] Combustion imminent? What does that mean?
[Jack-Jack explodes and becomes surrounded by fire]
Edna Mode: It means fire, Robert.

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: Wait, I thought you renounced superheroes.

Violet Parr: Well, I renounce my renouncement!
Bob Parr: [reading to Jack-Jack; starts to fall asleep] Over Dusseldorf, Doozles are dozing...
[falls asleep, but Jack-Jack wakes him up]
Bob Parr: Close it!
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Bob Parr: [Helen calls Bob on the phone] Hello?
Helen Parr: Hey, honey. How are the kids?
Bob Parr: [lying] Everything's great.
Helen Parr: And Jack-Jack?
Bob Parr: [lying] He's in excellent health.

[from trailer]

Lucius Best: [Jack-Jack disappears from the room] WHAT THE?
Bob Parr: [waves cookie in the air for Jack-Jack] Num num, cookie!
Lucius Best: Oh my gosh!
Bob Parr: Cookie!
Lucius Best: [Jack-Jack appears and eats the cookie] Whoa, K! That... is freaky.

Violet Parr: Boys are jerks and superheroes suck.
Bob Parr: Good morning!

Bob Parr: Why would they change math?

[an exhausted Bob has asked Edna to temporarily take care of Jack-Jack]

Edna Mode: Darling, I don't take care of babies! I design super suits! Don't expect me to say yes, because I am not...
[Jack-Jack's nose transforms to look like Edna's nose. Edna notices this and is taken aback]
Edna Mode: Robert... Did - did you just see this?
[Jack-Jack grows hair that looks exactly like Edna's hair. Edna looks at Jack-Jack's face closely]
Edna Mode: [genuinely interested] Oh My God!
[Jack-Jack sneezes and shoots right up in the air. He freefalls back down. Edna rushes to grab him but he telekinetically floats three feet from the floor before landing on the hard floor. Jack-Jack laughs]
Edna Mode: [beaming; excitedly] *YES!*
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The Underminer: Behold, the Underminer!
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Violet Parr: I hate superheroes, and I renounce them!
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Helen Parr: [to Violet and Dash as the Underminer attacks the city] Watch after Jack-Jack!
Violet Parr: But I thought we were gonna go and...
Bob Parr: You heard your mother!
[to Helen]
Bob Parr: Trampoline me!
[jumps off of the stretched-out Helen]
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Winston Deavor: Help me bring supers back into the sunlight. We need Elastigirl!
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Lucius Best: [to Bob and Helen; gives Bob a card] I was approached by this tycoon. Wants to talk... about hero stuff.
[Bob smiles]
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Helen Parr: [leaves on her motorcycle; to Bob] Bye, sweetie.
Bob Parr: I'll watch the kids, no problem.

Helen Parr: [to Bob over the phone] I couldn't have done this if you hadn't taken over so well.

Winston Deavor: It's time to make some wrong things right! Help me bring supers back into the sunlight. We need to change people's perceptions about superheroes, and Elastigirl is our best play.
Bob Parr: Better than... me?
[Elastigirl clears her throat and gives Mr. Incredible a glare]

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: [enters the house Winston is letting them live in with Bob, Helen, Violet, and Jack-Jack] Whoa! I LIKE Mom's new job!

Screenslaver: Supers are no longer in control... I am.

Bob Parr: I used to know what's right, but I'm not sure anymore. I just... wanna be a good dad.
Violet Parr: You're not good... you're super.

[Bob starts snoring]

Evelyn Deavor: The fact that you saved me doesn't make you right.
Helen Parr: But it does make you alive.

Violet Parr: [the Parr family sits down at the dinner table; Dash reaches for food] Did you wash your hands?
[Dash uses his superhuman speed to run and wash his hands]
Violet Parr: With soap?
[Dash runs back and uses soap]
Violet Parr: Did you dry them?
[Dash shakes his hands off and reaches for the food, eating it]
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr: [Helen puts his Chinese food in front of him; he looks in it] What? Is this ALL vegetables? Who ordered all vegetables?
Helen Parr: I did.
[puts the food on his plate]
Violet Parr: So, are we going to talk about it?
Bob Parr: What?
Violet Parr: The elephant in the room.
Bob Parr: What elephant?
Violet Parr: Mom's new job.

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Quotes Movies: Top Movies Quotes and Best Sayings : Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer
Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer
Watch Incredibles 2 (2018) Best Quotes and Trailer
Quotes Movies: Top Movies Quotes and Best Sayings
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