Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes

James Bond hunts and kills a criminal kingpin in Mexico City. It was an unsanctioned kill and the repercussions are swift and dire - Bond is suspended and his movements tracked 24/7 via his blood. However, this won't stop our intrepid hero - he is on the track of a massive criminal syndicate, an organisation whose name he does not know - all he has is a ring with its octopus-like symbol. It transpires that the secrets to the organisation lie with the daughter of a long-time enemy of his, and his own childhood.

Top Spectre Quotes

Mr. White: You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.

Oberhauser: Why did you come?
James Bond: I came here to kill you.
Oberhauser: And I thought you came here to die.
James Bond: Well, it's all a matter of perspective.

Lucia Sciarra: If you don't leave now, we'll die together.
James Bond: I can think of worse ways to go.
Lucia Sciarra: Then you're obviously crazy, Mr...
James Bond: Bond. James Bond.

Oberhauser: It was all me, James. It's always been me. The author of all your pain.

C: Take a look at the world... chaos... because people like you, paper-pushers and politicians, are too spineless to do what needs to be done so I made an alliance to put the power where it should be, and now you want to throw it away for the sake of democracy, whatever the hell that is. How predictably moronic.
[points gun at M]
C: But then isn't that what 'M' stands for... 'moron'?
[squeezes trigger, realizes the gun is unloaded]
M: And now we know what 'C' stands for... 'careless'.

Madeleine Swann: Why, given every other possible option, does a man choose the life of a paid assassin?
James Bond: Well, it was that or the priesthood.

James Bond: [Q hands Bond a watch] What does it do?
Q: It tells the time. Might help with your punctuality issues.
James Bond: M's idea?
Q: Precisely. Oh, one word of warning, the alarm is rather loud... if you know what I mean.
James Bond: I think I do.

James Bond: I was in a meeting recently, and your name came up.
Mr. White: I'm flattered London is still talking about me.
James Bond: It wasn't MI6... it was Rome.
[reveals a Spectre ring]

Oberhauser: Welcome, James. It's been a long time... and, finally, here we are. What took you so long?

Madeleine Swann: You shouldn't stare.
James Bond: Well, you shouldn't look like that.

[at the clinic bar]
Clinic Barman: Can I get you something, sir?
James Bond: Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.
Clinic Barman: I'm sorry, we don't serve alcohol.
James Bond: I'm already starting to love this place...

[Bond notices the shell of the DB5]
Q: Oh, yes. That old thing is taking quite a bit of time. Mind you, there wasn't much left to work, only a steering wheel. I believe I said, "Bring it back in one piece," not, "Bring back one piece."
[Q laughs at his own joke]

Oberhauser: Do you know what it is?
Madeleine Swann: It's a meteorite.
Oberhauser: Yes, exactly. The Kartenhoff, the oldest in human possession. The very meteorite which made this crater. Think about it: so many years up there, alone, silent, building momentum until it chose to make its mark on Earth. A huge unstoppable force.
James Bond: Except it did stop, didn't it? Right here.

Madeleine Swann: Is this really what you want? Living in the shadows? Hunting, being hunted? Always alone?
James Bond: I don't stop to think about it.

Oberhauser: You came across me so many times and yet you never saw me. Le Chiffre, Greene, Silva...
James Bond: All dead.
Oberhauser: That's right. A nice pattern developed. You interfered in my world, I destroyed yours. Or did you think it was coincidence that all the women in your life ended up dead?

Eve Moneypenny: So what's going on, James? They say that Mexico was a step too far, that you're finished.
James Bond: And what do you think?
Eve Moneypenny: I think you're just getting started.

[of an approaching car]
Madeleine Swann: What's that?
James Bond: That is a 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith.

James Bond: Could you do one more thing for me?
Q: And that would be?
James Bond: Make me disappear.

[after shutting C out of his mainframe]
M: Not a good feeling being watched, is it?
C: Don't tell me you're responsible for this.
M: No, but my quartermaster is and he's extremely talented.
C: Oh, bravo. But in case you hadn't realized it, you two are out of a job so you're trespassing.
M: I'm afraid you've got the wrong end of the stick, Max. We're going to stop this system going online, and then I'm going to bring you in.
C: On what grounds, exactly?
M: Poor taste in friends.

James Bond: You're a hard man to kill, Blofeld.
[notices his scar]
James Bond: Ouch. I do hope that doesn't hurt too much.
Blofeld: My wounds will heal. What about yours?

Hinx: [only spoken line] Shit!
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Blofeld: [to Bond] Cuckoo!

C: You can't tell me an agent in the field can last long against all those drones and satellites.
M: Yes, you have information. You can find out all about a man, track him down, keep an eye on him. But you have to look him in the eye. All the tech you have can't help you with that. A license to kill also means a license NOT to kill.

Lucia Sciarra: Did you kill my husband?
James Bond: He was an assassin. He wouldn't have taken it personally.

Mr. White: [to Bond] I always knew death would wear a familiar face... but not yours.
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James Bond: Where is he?
Mr. White: He is everywhere. He's everywhere! He's at a bar with your friends, he's having dinner with your kids, he's in bed with your lover!

[hands Bond effects from Skyfall]
Eve Moneypenny: You've got a secret. Something you can't tell anyone, because you don't trust anyone.

Blofeld: Torture is easy, on a superficial level. A man can watch himself being disemboweled and derive great horror from the experience, but it's still going on at a distance. It isn't taking place where it is. As you know all too well, dear Madeleine, a man lives inside his head. That's where the seed of his soul is. James and I were both present recently when a man was deprived of his eyes and the most astonishing thing happened, didn't you notice? He wasn't there anymore. He had gone even though he was still alive, so this brief moment between life and death, there was nobody inside his skull. Most odd.

Blofeld: You know what happens when a cuckoo hatches inside another bird's nest?
Madeleine Swann: Yes. It forces the other eggs out.
Blofeld: Yes. Well, this cuckoo made me realize my father's life had to end. In a way he's responsible for the path I took...
[to Bond]
Blofeld: So thank you, cuckoo!

Blofeld: I've really put you through a lot, haven't I? Well, that's brothers for you: they always know which buttons to press.

Lucia Sciarra: If you go there, you will cross over into a place where there is no mercy...

Blofeld: Goodbye, James Bond.

[last lines]
Q: I thought you were done.
James Bond: I am. I just need one more thing.

James Bond: [over the phone] Who was that?
Eve Moneypenny: He's just a friend.
James Bond: At this hour of the night?
Eve Moneypenny: It's called life, James. You should try it some time.

M: What's that?
Eve Moneypenny: [hiding a palmtop from James Bond] Just a gift. From an admirer.
M: It's not your birthday, is it?
Eve Moneypenny: No.
[M walks out the door]
Eve Moneypenny: That was last week.

Madeleine Swann: [given a gun] What if I shoot you by mistake?
James Bond: It wouldn't be the first time.

Blofeld: The things that bring people together. Out of horror, beauty.

Madeleine Swann: I can't go back to this life. And I'm not going to ask you to change, you are who you are.
James Bond: You're saying goodbye.

James Bond: [on the previous M] She wouldn't let death get in the way of her job.

[Bond points a gun at Blofeld]
Blofeld: Finish it... Finish it!
James Bond: [removes clip from gun] Out of bullets.
[looks over at Madeleine]
James Bond: And besides, I've got something better to do.

James Bond: Tempus Fugit... isn't it funny how time flies?
[his watch explodes]

Q: May I remind you that I answer directly to M. I also have a mortgage and two cats to feed.
James Bond: Well, then I suggest you trust me, for the sake of the cats.

Madeleine Swann: I love you...
Oberhauser: Do those blue eyes still recognize you?
James Bond: I'd recognize you anywhere.

Clinic Barman: Here you are, sir. One prolytic digestive enzyme shake.
James Bond: Do me a favor, will you? Throw that down the toilet. Cut out the middleman.

Blofeld: [about C] He's a visionary, like me.
James Bond: Visionaries... Psychiatric wards are full of them.

Q: Well it's lovely to see you, 007. Lovely. Um, now I meant to tell you, the Smart Blood program is obviously still in its developmental phase. So we may experience the odd drop in coverage during the first 24 hours...
[Bond glares at him]
Q: 48 hours after administration, but after that it should work perfectly.
[Bond smiles]
James Bond: I'll send you a postcard.
Q: Please don't.

Madeleine Swann: [referring to the windows] I hope you don't mind, the view can be distracting.
James Bond: [smiling at her] I hadn't noticed.

Madeleine Swann: Do you exercise?
James Bond: When I have to.
Madeleine Swann: Do you consider your employment to be psychologically stressful?
James Bond: Sometimes.
Madeleine Swann: How much alcohol do you consume?
James Bond: Too much.

Madeleine Swann: I see you left this final question blank. What is your occupation.
James Bond: Well, that's not the sort of thing that looks good on a form.
Madeleine Swann: And why is that?
James Bond: I kill people.

M: [videotape] James: if anything happens to me, I want you to find a man named Marco Scarra. Kill him, and don't miss the funeral.

C: When are you going to realize you don't matter anymore?
M: Maybe not. But something has to.

C: [enters M's office] So sorry, am I interrupting?
M: Not remotely. 007, I'd like you to meet Max Denbigh, head of the Joint Security Service.
C: Well it's a pleasure to finally meet you, 007. I've heard a lot about you. Most of it good.
James Bond: [offers hand] Congratulations on your new appointment.
C: [shakes Bond's hand] Thank you.
James Bond: I suppose we should call you "C" now.
C: No, no. "Max," please.
James Bond: No, I think I'll call you "C"... C.
C: As you wish. Well my door is always open, 007, for my employees. This merger's gonna be a whole new chapter for us. We're going to bring British intelligence out of the dark ages... into the light.
James Bond: That all sounds lovely.

Oberhauser: [Bond is strapped to a torture chair with a drill attached] So James, I'm going to penetrate to where you are. To the inside of your head. Now the first probe will play with your sight, your hearing, and your balance, just with the subtlest of manipulations.
James Bond: Well, get on with it then. Nothing can be as painful as listening to you talk.
Oberhauser: All right, let's begin.
[activates the machine]

Palazzo Guard: [to James] Ciao, Mickey Mouse!

James Bond: [pointing his gun at a mouse] Who sent you? Who are you working for?
[the mouse looks blankly at him and scurries off]

[first lines]
Estrella: Where are you going?
James Bond: I won't be long.

Blofeld: If the needle finds the correct spot in the fusiform gyrus, you recognize no one. Of course the faces of your women like to change a lot, right James? You won't know who she is. Just another passing face on your way to the grave.

Q: [notices the drink Bond left because he took the car] Ooohh... Shit!

James Bond: [whispers to Madeleine] One minute. One minute.
Blofeld: Did he say something?
James Bond: Tempus fugit.
Blofeld: What?
James Bond: Tempus fugit.
Blofeld: I can't hear you, James.
James Bond: I said, doesn't time fly?
[Madeleine tosses the watch to Blofeld and it explodes, destroying the torture machine and knocking Blofeld unconscious]

Blofeld: You see, they failed to comprehend the crucial fact that a terrible event can lead to something wonderful.
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[final battle]
James Bond: [after shooting at a bulletproof glass which form the SPECTRE logo] You're a hard man to kill, Blofeld.
[looks at Blofeld's scar]
James Bond: Ouch. I do hope that doesn't hurt too much.
Blofeld: My wounds will heal. What about yours? Look around you, James, look. This is what's left of your world. Everything you've ever stood for, everything you believed in, a ruin.
James Bond: Why are we here? Did you miss me?
Blofeld: No.
[blows into the glass]
Blofeld: But I know someone who does.
[makes a heart sign out of the air]
James Bond: [referring to Madeleine] Where is she?
Blofeld: That's for you to find out.
[activates a time bomb on the wall]
Blofeld: In 3 minutes, this building will be demolished. Well, I can get out easily. Now, you have a choice. Die trying to save her or save yourself and live with the pain.
James Bond: You're bluffing.
Blofeld: Am I?
[after a brief pause, Blofeld chuckles]
Blofeld: I've really put you through it, haven't I? Well, that's brothers for you. They always know which buttons to press.
[starts the time bomb then flees, Bond runs off]
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The quote items below may give away important plot points.
Oberhauser: [stroking a white cat] Franz Oberhauser died twenty years ago, James, in an avalanche alongside his father. A man you're talking to now, a man inside your head, is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

[after they've defeated Hinx]
Madeleine Swann: What do we do now?

James Bond: [Oberhauser shows Madeleine footage of Mr. White committing suicide] No, no, no. Turn it off. Turn it off.
Oberhauser: This is important.
James Bond: I said turn it off!
[a SPECTRE member hits Bond in the leg]
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Quotes Movies: Top Movies Quotes and Best Sayings : Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes
Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes
Spectre (2015) Trailer and Top Movie Quotes
Quotes Movies: Top Movies Quotes and Best Sayings
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